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Our work procedure upon receipt of an inquiries & export L/C

An enquiry is received via e-mail/fax, we reply on the same day. Please find below how we communicate with our buyers upon receipt of inquires/L/C:
We work out the price with factories and then, we send the price to our buyers at the earliest. After confirmation of price and delivery date, we request buyers to issue PO sheet with full order details. After receiving and reviewing the PO sheet, we request the buyer to open the Master L/C. Upon receipt of the Master L/C, we transfer it to the factory (Maker). After transferring the Master L/C to the manufacturer, we push them to open all Back to Back L/C immediately against required Fabrics, Accessories & others. We do always follow up closely with fabrics and accessories supplier to ship/deliver the fabrics and accessories on time.
In the meantime we take all necessary approval of FAB/ACC/GMT sample from our buyer. As soon as all the fabrics and accessories have been delivered to the factory then we advise concerned factory people to make pre-production/size set samples in order to get the buyer’s approval towards starting bulk production. When production is started, our QA people go for in line inspection (See sep point for inspection procedure). When our QA finds everything is okay in inline inspection then they give instruction to the factory people to go ahead for bulk production. QC checks remain on till the last piece of garment production. After final inspection if the goods are found ok, we ship out the goods. We follow up cargo stuffing, vessel booking, ETD, ETA and buyer is updated accordingly. After shipment of the goods, we push our factory to prepare the shipping DOCS without delay and submit to their bank so that buyer can receive the documents in time in order to prepare their clearing formalities at their end. In this way, step by step, we work and follow for each and every order. We would appreciate your suggestion if you have anything more.

Control quality and inspection procedure:

We normally follow AQL 2.5 inspection method. : At first we hand over the order to our merchandiser and QA people as they are responsible for the orders. Every morning, they discuss the whole development status of the orders in the daily meeting with our CEO/Merchandising Manager.
Our QA and Merchandiser study together with the approved FIT samples and the comments from buyer. After receiving the fabrics and accessories in factory, one of the QA concerning that particular order stays in the factory from morning to evening (Production time) until final inspection/shipment. We always make a pre-production meeting with the concerned production people of the factory before going for bulk production. Our Merchandiser, QC Manager and QA Inspector go to the factory to attend the pre production meeting for checking the sample, pattern and final comments from buyer and, if they are satisfied then they give instruction to the factory people for a trial production. QA Inspector give approval for bulk production if the trial production is found acceptable. As soon as bulk production is started our QA inspector goes for inline inspection initially everyday, then every alternate day, depends on the situation of the FTY/production.

In the middle stage of production if standard of quality is acceptable/good then we go for pre-final inspection. Here we check the case pack, carton quality, shipping mark, Assortment, presentation etc. After pre-final inspection is passed, we go for final inspection and if it is passed we approve shipment.
This is how we normally maintain inspection formalities. Please advise if you have any suggestion or any special requirement.

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